IQAir HealthPro Air Cleaner 1BAUAOCGU

IQAir HealthPro Air Cleaner 1BAUAOCGU

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Manufacturer Part#: 1BAUAOCGU
IQAir HealthPro Air Cleaner 1BAUAOCGU
From top to bottom, the New Edition HealthPro is designed with your lung health in mind. The outer body and filtration system are 100% sealed to prevent any dust or allergens to escape. An incredibly powerful fan and motor system is designed to spin at 2,750 RPMs and pushes out 25% more air any other purifier fan. Each fan is individually balanced to make sure it is efficient and durable. It is also surrounded by noise-absorbing filters and walls to make for one of the quietest purifiers available. Every single HealthPro is factory tested to make sure it lives up to IQAir’s standards. The HEPA filtration system has 99.5% efficiency in collecting microscopic particles that can cause extreme damage to lungs. This includes items 10 times smaller than an average virus. The nanofiber technology of the filtration system will protect your home from harmful particles from motor exhausts, colds and sicknesses, smoking and pet dander. Because of the ingenuous design of the pleated filter, they outlast the competition by 38%, helping keep your home clean for less. For those that want the most extreme clean air – those with allergies or other breathing problems as well as homes with troublesome air – the optional V5-Cell filter is also available. The V5-Cell is designed with multiple layers to absorb gas and odors as well as changing pollutants into an oxidized form. This helps the air smell fresher without artificial and chemical sprays. In addition to the incredible purifying power, the HealthPro is convenient to use, too. Built on wheels, the purifier is ready to go wherever you need it. A sleek remote control helps you adjust the fan and timer without having to get up, perfect for sick days. You can set the fan speed and timer for whenever is convenient for you. The HealthPro is so energy efficient and quiet, you can run it all night without spiking your power bills or waking you up. The controls also alert you as to when it is time to change the filter so the HealthPro is never under-performing.


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