IQAir GC MultiGas Air Cleaner 1COUBOHGU

IQAir GC MultiGas Air Cleaner 1COUBOHGU

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Manufacturer Part#: 1COUBOHGU
IQAir GC MultiGas Air Cleaner 1COUBOHGU
Everything affects the air in your home. Tobacco smoke, chemical cleaning supplies, pet dander, dust, and viruses can linger longer than you would like. IQAir has a perfect solution to protecting your lungs from these dangerous things. The GC MultiGas utilizes the most powerful residential purifier fan as well as a four stage filtration system to rid your air of 99.95% of harmful particles, even microscopic ones. The MultiGas is the equivalent to 100 gas masks as far as chemical removing powers. Four levels of filtration include HyperHEPA filters, activated carbon absorption, chemisorption and micro-charged filtration. These methods are completely safe and tested to work better than ozone generation, ionization or ultraviolet radiation. The filters are ingeniously designed to be pleated and multi-layered so the air has more to travel through. This also helps extend the lifespan of the filters. The GC MultiGas is designed to draw air through the bottom of the unit, pass it through four levels of filtration, and then push it out the top in 320-degree EvenFlow vents. This prevents from bothersome drafts, reduces noise levels and creates an even distribution of air throughout the room. The incredibly powerful fan is housed in the center of the machine, surrounded by noise deafening walls and filters to keep this the quietest purifier available. It will not disrupt sleep or relaxation time with obnoxious sounds or humming. The GQ MultiGas is also energy efficient and requires no more power than a normal light bulb to run. Extended use will not run up energy bills, giving you peace of mind for your health and your wallet. IQAir makes purifiers that are hardworking and easy to use. Basic controls allow you to choose power settings as well as set up an automatic timer. The control panel also alerts you as to when it is time to change the filter. An included remote control gives you the freedom to turn on or shut off the machine from across the room. Set on wheels, the MultiGas moves easily from room to room. IQAir is a great investment to keep your family healthy and your home air safe. Backed by a five year warranty, the MultiGas promises to become a permanent fixture in your home.


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