IQAir Gas & Odor V5 Filter 102181000

IQAir Gas & Odor V5 Filter 102181000

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Manufacturer Part#: 102181000
IQAir Gas & Odor Filter B002AH3QU2
Suitable for: HealthProPlus, HealthPro
The IQAir V5-Cell gas phase filter controls gaseous contaminants and odors. It absorbs over 200 gaseous pollutants and odors; especially volative organic compounds(VOC's). This revolutionary V5-Cell technology offers excellent reduction of cooking odors and low concentrations of VOC's from building materials or cleaning agents. Rather than just using common activated carbon the V5-Cell uses a special five pound blend of broad-spectrum gas and odor control media. As a result the,HealthPro Plus is able to trap a broader range of gaseous contaminants and odors than conventional room air purifiers. The V-shaped media chambers allow for higher airflow than comparable units. Lasts 1-2 years depending on usage and environment conditions.

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