Carpet Pro HD Upright Vacuum with Attachments On-Board CPU1T

Carpet Pro HD Upright Vacuum with Attachments On-Board CPU1T

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Manufacturer Part#: CPU1T
Carpet Pro HD Upright Vacuum with Attachments On-Board CPU1T
For large carpeted areas, Carpet Pro’s CPU1T-HD can’t be beat. On-board tools, a powerful motor and a durable build make this vacuum a cleaning dream. The CU1T-HD is built to outlast the generic vacuum with a powerful bypass motor and simple, inexpensive maintenance. Built of all durable materials, from the metal brush roll and handle to the reinforced 40-foot power cord, the Carpet Pro can stand up to aggressive cleanings. It is also one of the most convenient vacuums to use with a wide cleaning path, extension hose with tools as well as an automatically adjusting power nozzle. Made specifically for stubborn carpeting, the CPU1T uses a metal brush roll to clean deep into carpeting. The brush rows can be individually replaced, so maintenance is less expensive and easier to do on your own. Metal bottom plates and covers protect the motor from foreign objects. The flat slip belt is designed to prevent snapping and slipping off so you have one less thing to worry about. Carpet Pro designs their vacuums to last longer with simple precautions. The power nozzle’s automatic adjustment gives the best clean available as well as protects the vacuum from overheating or clogging from restricted air flow. In addition to durability, Carpet Pro vacuums are renowned for powerful cleaning. The 10-amp bypass motor can stand up to the dirtiest of carpets. The 12-inch cleaning path and strong suction keeps you from having to monotonously run over the same area of carpeting again and again. Electrostatic foam filters ensure that everything sucked into the vacuum stays there rather than blown back into the air. This reduces the amount of airborne allergens, saving those with sensitive sinuses. Sturdy bags capture all debris without losing a single speck. The CPU1T goes beyond the carpets. With a six foot cleaning hose and tools stored on board, Carpet Pro saves you from having to use dusting brushes and lint rollers. The extensive hose allows you to reach anywhere in your home and a heavy duty wand prevents you from over-exerting yourself. The crevice tool reaches into tight spaces and the dusting brush is gentle on surfaces while working hard on dirt. Weighing in at only 18-pounds, the CPU1T is a go-anywhere, clean-anything machine. At an economical price and backed with a one year warranty, there is no better clean for your money.


Additional Information

Brand CarpetPro
Hose Length(ft) 5-7 feet
Cleaning Path 12-14 inches
Cordless No
Crevice Tool Yes
Cord Length(ft) 40-50 feet
Cord Rewind No
Height Adjustment Yes - Automatic
Dusting Brush Yes
Dust Storage Bagged
Filtration Micron
General Warranty 1 year
Headlight Yes
Belt Type Flat
Suction Motor Airflow(CFM) No
On-Board Tools Yes
Suction Motor Power(Amps) No
Motor Suction (IOW) No
Brush Motor Power(Amps) No
Brushroll Shutoff No

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