Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter 1020D

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter 1020D

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Manufacturer Part#: 1020D
Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter 1020D
A defense in the battle against pet hair. This is the most effective product on the market for removing pet hair from clothing, upholstery and automobile interiors. Our customers have praised the Pet Hair Lifter for removing dog hair, cat hair, horse hair and even lion hair. Once the sponge becomes soiled, wash it out with soap and water, allow to dry, then reuse over and over again.


  • Clean dust, dirt and pollen from window screens
  • Cleans lampshades, venetian blinds and drapes
  • Cleans auto interiors
  • Cleans dust from acoustical tiles, lights and ceiling vents
  • Cleans baseboards and areas above heat registers
  • Cleans computer screens
  • Cleans walls and woodwork for painting
  • Cleans pet hair from carpets, upholstery and clothing

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Brand Gonzo

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