Nilfisk VU500 12 inch Vacuum

Nilfisk VU500 12 inch Vacuum

Model #: 107418426

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Nilfisk VU500 12 inch Vacuum

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
More Great Feature Advantages:

VU500 delivers exceptional cleaning
performance in an easy to use, easy to maintain upright vacuum that is designed to withstand stringent environmental requirements.

Automatic, self-adjusting brush height ensures proper cleaning performance and maximum productivity especially when cleaning on the medium and low cut piles.

    • Quick release cord clip
    • Detachable power cable removal for quick service
    • Tools-free brush removal
    • Non-marking, tear resistant bumper
    • Convenient handle for lifting
    • Standard certified H13 HEPA filter
Bagged or Bagless Bagged
Filtration HEPA
Color Grey
Weight 25 Lbs