Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC886E

Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC886E

Model #: SC886E

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Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC886E

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
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All businesses need a high powered vacuum to keep their carpeting looking fresh, a professional look without the professional time and money required. Sanitaire’s SC886 is perfect for this. A high powered motor with steel brush roll with vibrating cleaning technique, the SC886 is made to easily clean very soiled carpeting. The Vibra Groom brush roll reaches deep into carpeting and shakes all dirt and dust loose for easier pick up. When the bristles on the roll become worn after years of use, the individual strips can be replaced for cheaper and easier maintenance. The seven-amp motor is the perfect mix of high power and energy efficiency. Operating at the low noise level of 79-decibels, the SC886 is safe to use during business hours without disrupting employees or customers. Made of all metal pieces, the motor and fan can easily stand up to damaging foreign objects that are often vacuumed up. The fan and motor chamber are accessible for unclogging. Sanitaire designs their vacuums to work fast as well as efficiently. The 12-inch cleaning path picks up more with each pass. The 50-foot power cord is triple reinforced and easy to swap out in case it becomes damaged. Rather than costly disposable dust bags that are difficult and messy to replace, the SC886 has a durable shake out bag. The bag can hold up to 18-quarts and is easy to clip off of the vacuum and empty out. Rubberized wheels make the vacuum easy to move and safe for hardwood or bare floors. Weighing in at a mere 17-pounds, it is light to move for any user. For a business owner, the SC886 is the best vacuum for quick and simple cleaning.

Sku 903

Filtration Standard
Amps 7
Dust Cup Capacity 18 QT
CFM 145
Cord Length 50 FT
Cleaning Width 12 Inches
Dimensions 20" x 15" x 8.5"
Weight 15 Lbs