Sebo K2 Midnight Blue Airbelt Canister Vacuum with Large Combo Nozzle 9679AM

Sebo K2 Midnight Blue Airbelt Canister Vacuum with Large Combo Nozzle 9679AM

Model #: 9679AM

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Sebo K2 Midnight Blue Airbelt Canister Vacuum with Large Combo Nozzle 9679AM

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For the home with hardwood and tiled floors as well as area rugs, the K2 Kombi is the best vacuum available. The Kombi vacuum head is straight suction and has retractable brushes perfect for switching from low pile rugs to bare floor. The floor nozzle is connected by a 180-degree rotating attachment and the wand can lie completely flat, making it perfect for reaching underneath furniture and beds. The nozzle also maneuvers smoothly around furnishings and corners for easy cleaning. The lightweight canister body follows diligently behind each of your movements. The mid-size canister alerts the user if there is a clog or if they bag is full so optimum power is always being used. The canister has a suction adjustment control to help find the best amount of power on each surface you clean. With helpful tools such as the dusting brush, the crevice nozzle and the upholstery brush, you can clean nearly every surface in your home. Quick release connections make it easier to switch between tools to help you finish cleaning sooner. The Kombi has a huge 37-foot operating range and an automatically retracting cord rewind. The soft bumpers and wheels help protect the vacuum as well as your home from scuffs and scrapes. Hospital grade filtration protects your home’s air from dust and allergen particles. Whereas many vacuums lose dirt particles out of the motor exhaust, the Sebo canisters are extremely well sealed and have filters to prevent any loss of dirt. The multi-layered filter bag is also designed to trap everything the Kombi collects without losing a single speck. Electrostatically charged material attracts and clings to microscopic particles. The self-sealing opening and clip-in holder makes changing quick and clean. The filters also snap in easily and are long-lasting. The durability of Sebo’s Airbelt is unmatched. With a five-year warranty, you can clean with the assurance that you’re using a heavy-duty piece of machinery, not a disposable short-term vacuum.

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Airbelt K2 Vacuum Manual

Bag or Bagless Bagged
Filtration S-Class
Watts 1250
Volts 120
Amps 10.6
Water Lift 110 Inches
Sound Level 63 DB
Headlight No


Weight 12 Lbs
Cord Length 20 FT
Bag Change Indicator Yes
Hose Electric/Standard Standard
Bag Style  Filter Bag
Bag Capacity .8 Gallons
Automatic Cord Rewind Yes
Cleaning Path 12 Inches
On Board Tools Yes
Warranty 5 Years