Hoover Belt 38528040 (Formally 38528-027)

Hoover Belt 38528040 (Formally 38528-027)

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Manufacturer Part#: 38528040 (Formally 38528-027)
Hoover Belt 38528040 (Formally 38528-027) 
Suitable for: EmPower, Fold Away, Fusion, Spirit, Sprint, Hoover Bagless, Elite, Caddy Vac, Soft & Light, Soft Guard and Breathe Easy. For use with these and similar models: 40201190, C1404---, C1414900, C1660900, U4245, U4245-030, U4245-930, U4247-030, U4249-030, U4250,,U4251-930, U4253-930, U4256-900, U4257-930, U4258-930, U4260-930, U462-930, U4262-950, U4264-930, U4266-930, U4266-940, U4266-960, U4268-930, U4270-940, U4272-930, U4283-970, U4293-930, U4295-930, U4299-930, U4299-980, U4455, U4467, U4467-960, U4467-970, U4467-980, U4521-930, U5014900, U5016900, U5018900, U5023900, U5025906, U5046930, U5076930, U5104900, U5135900, U5162906, U5162911, U5164900, U5165900, U5167900, U5167950, U5170900, U5172900, U5173900, U5173950, U5174900, U5175900, U5175950, U5176950, U5177900,,U5178900, U5179900, U5179906, U5180900, U5180910, U5180910W, U5180950, U5180955, U5182900, U5183900, U5183910, U5185900, U5244930, U5255950, U5260900, U5260950, U5262900, U5262910, U5263900, U5265900, U5265955, U5266950, U5268900, U5268950, U5268970, U5269900, U5269955, U52719RM, U52729RM, U5507900, U5507950, U5509900, U5511900, UH40070, UH40155, UH40185, UH40190, UH70005B


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