5 Vacuum Myths and Facts You Must Know

5 Vacuum Myths and Facts You Must Know

The Bank’s Vacuum team of experts has prepared a list of the 5 most common vacuum myths and facts to help our customers. The brief list is based on our staff’s 60+ years of vacuum cleaner manufacture training, continuous education, longstanding industry knowledge and experience.

Vacuum Myth 1. The Amp Rating on the motor determines the performance of the vacuum. Wrong, It’s a Myth. The Amp Rating on the motor has absolutely nothing to do with the performance of the vacuum.Most vacuum cleaners with 4 Amp motors clean better than most vacuum cleaners with 12 Amp motors. Why? Because the Amp rating simply tells you how much energy the vacuum is using when it is on. It does not tell you how well it picks up dirt compared to another vacuum with a higher or lower Amp rating. Eureka actually started the famous and irrational “Vacuum Amp Wars” in the 1970’s when they came out with the first 5.0 Amp vacuum and pointed out that Hoover only had a 4.8 Amp. The “Amp Wars” continued into the 1990’s until pretty much every vacuum had a 12 Amp motor-not because it made a cleaning difference but for marketing and promotion reasons. Many consumers today still believe the higher Amp rating makes a difference. Wrong, It’s a Myth.

Vacuum Myth 2. The lower the vacuum is set to the carpet, the better the vacuum cleans the carpet. Wrong, It’s a Myth. Most people set their vacuum too low to the carpet thinking it will clean the carpet better. The vacuum should be set as high as possible off the carpet but just low enough so that the brushes are meeting the carpet. This setting allows the most amount of airflow to rush into the vacuum nozzle and allows the brushes to lift the nap and do their job. When you set the vacuum too low, you cause it to seal to the carpet, reduce or stop airflow and create unwanted strain on the vacuum motor, belt and brush roller. We recommend attention be paid to your vacuums height adjustment and make sure it's set correctly. Your vacuum will perform better and last longer. 

Vacuum Myth 3. Bagless vacuums are more advanced and better than bagged vacuums. Wrong, It’s a Myth. The best vacuums use bags. Period. No exceptions. As Mr. Bank says, “Anybody that tells you that bagless vacuums are better than vacuums that use bags, doesn’t know anything about vacuum cleaners”. Yes, there are some good bagless vacuums and many of our customers like them, but experienced vacuum experts that look out for their customers always recommend todays advanced bagged vacuums. Why? 1. Vacuum bags generally cost less per year than the expensive filters required for bagless vacuums. 2. Bagged vacuums are usually lighter weight and easier to use than bagless vacuums. 3. Bagged vacuums run cooler and generally last longer than bagless vacuums because when you replace the bags you’re replacing the lungs of the vacuum. 4. A good, high quality bagged vacuum is much better for allergy sufferers than bagless vacuums because it won’t leak as much dust and dirt. Plus, who wants to deal with that filthy dirt container and inhale that stinky dust cloud? Yuck! By the way, regardless of expensive advertising campaigns, there is no such thing as a “lifetime filter” in any bagless vacuum- unless you consider the “lifetime” to be 3-5 years or less, like several highly advertised brands.

Vacuum Myth 4. The weight of the vacuum determines how easy it is to use. Wrong, It’s a Myth. There are many examples of vacuums that weigh more than others, but are much easier to push and maneuver. This is true when used both on all types of carpets and bare floor surfaces. Unfortunately, expensive advertising campaigns have trained many consumers to think that the vacuum must weigh a certain amount so it will be easy to push. Wrong, It’s a Myth. Mr.Bank’s team of experts recommends you simply try a few vacuums out before you buy.You’ll quickly know which models are easy to use and which ones only claim they are.

Vacuum Myth 5. Vacuum Cleaners do not need to be serviced. You should just run them until they die. Wrong, It’s a Myth. A vacuum cleaner is not like any other household appliance. A vacuum cleaner has dirt, dust, hair and debris continuously blowing through it. It needs to be serviced and maintained. Period. All vacuum manufacturers recommend service and preventative maintenance on their vacuum cleaners. This important service should be performed regularly per the manufacturer recommendations, usually every 12-24 months depending on the size and activity in your home. A vacuum service/tune-up at Bank’s Oreck Vacuum is inexpensive (from $19.95) and can sometimes be performed while you wait if we have all the parts on hand and usually within 24 hours. Mr. Bank says, “If you visit us every 12-24 months so we can keep an eye on it and keep it running efficiently, you should more than double or triple the life of your vacuum”.