Cirrus Commercial Upright CR9100

Cirrus Commercial Upright CR9100

Model #: C-CR9100

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Cirrus Commercial Upright CR9100

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This Cirrus C-CR9100 commercial upright vacuum cleaner provides industrial grade cleaning capabilities and an easy-to-maintain construction that will lower your maintenance costs. Its brushroll, bottom plate, handle, and telescoping cleaning wand are all constructed from metal to ensure durability. Its power nozzle is reinforced to guard against damage. This vacuum cleaner's construction also makes it simple to access the belt in case it needs to be changed or adjusted, and its 50 foot power cord is easy to remove and replace in case of damage. In the event of a breakage or malfunction within the first year of ownership, the C-CR9100 is backed by a one-year warranty.

Its clean air bypass motor ensures that debris stays out of the motor chamber, preventing damage to its inner mechanisms. When air is drawn into the vacuum, it passes through a HEPA media bag and secondary filter to ensure that only clean air is exhausted back into your home or business.

Primary Filter HEPA
Secondary Filter Charcoal 
Attachments Quick-draw
Amps 10


50 ft 3 Wire

Base Plate


Power Switch

On Body