Cirrus Upright Vacuum CR69A

Cirrus Upright Vacuum CR69A

Model #: C-CR69A

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Cirrus Upright Vacuum CR69A

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
More Great Feature Advantages:

This professional-grade Cirrus upright vacuum cleaner features HEPA type dustbags and electrostatic filtration media, both of which ensure that irritating allergens and other particles won't escape the vacuum cleaner once they've been drawn in. A headlight on the C-CR69A illuminates your cleaning path to ensure that no dirt or debris is left behind.

To ensure that all your tools are close at hand while you vacuum, the C-CR69A features quick-draw tool accessibility. Its included crevice tool, extension hose, and cleaning wand all store conveniently on the vacuum's housing, so you'll never again have to stop vacuuming to find the attachment you need.

Primary Filter Charcoal
Secondary Filter Electrostatic
Attachments Quick-draw
Amps 12


30 ft

Base Plate


Power Switch

On Handle