Miele C3 Complete Alize PowerLine Vacuum 41GJE035USA

Miele C3 Complete Alize PowerLine Vacuum 41GJE035USA

Model #: 41GJE035USA

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  • Miele Active AirClean Filter SF-AA50
  • Miele HEPA Filter HA-50
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Miele C3 Complete Alize PowerLine Vacuum 41GJE035USA

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
More Great Feature Advantages:

Miele’s Alize canister cleaner is an allergy sufferers dream. With active HEPA filters designed to stop 99% of allergen and dust particles from exiting the vacuum, you can breathe easy knowing your vacuum is purifying the air in your home. As the air flows through the canister it meets a 12-stage AirClean system it exits cleaner than before. Everything this powerful vacuum stirs up stays inside of the vacuum. Miele dust bags are incredibly innovative, with a spring loaded lid that automatically shuts and an easy clip-in holder, this bag is the easiest and cleanest to change. Because the bag is made of nine layers of electrostatically charged materials nothing can escape once it enters. Convenient indicators on the canister let you know when it is time to change the filter and the bag. A powerful filtration system is necessary on a powerful vacuum. With a 1200-watt motor creating maximum air flow, no dust can resist the Alize’s grip. Six separate suction controls allow you to choose the best match for your cleaning task, from bare floor to carpeting to upholstery and delicate things like drapes. Although this is one of the quietest vacuums on the market, there a power-conserving quiet mode available for the stealthiest of vacuuming jobs. Or take an easy route, the Automatic setting will immediately detect what type of floor it is cleaning and adjust itself instantly. In addition to the settings, Miele’s accessories are the best on the market for any kind of cleaning job. The telescopic stainless steel wand helps you reach high areas or behind and underneath furniture. The deluxe handle grip is a pleasure to hold, a spotlight on the front leading your way to a spotless home. The Classic Combination floor tool is perfect for tile or hard wood floors as well as low-pile carpeting, with pedals to easily switch from one to another. The extensive 33-foot cleaning radius will have you vacuuming rooms at a time, saving you from finding new outlets as often. Three tools stored right on the body of the canister help with jobs off the floor. A powerful upholstery brush is perfect for couches or drapery, a gentle but effective dusting brush collects all dust in its way, the crevice nozzle reaches everywhere you don’t want to. The Alize is one of the lightest canisters on the market, following you so easily you will forget it is behind you. Dynamic Drive castor wheels are gentle on bare floors but durable shock absorbers hop over tile ridges or other bumps with grace and ease. The noise reducing technology and the durability will make this vacuum part of your cleaning family for years to come.

Accessories Included:

  • SBD 650-3 AirTeQ floor brush
  • SSP 10 Dusting brush
  • Standard Upholstery tool
  • SFD 10 Extended Crevice tool
  • SGC 20 Comfort handle with SpotLight Hose
  • Telescopic stainless steel wand
Bag or Bagless Bagged
Filtration HEPA
Watts 1200
Airflow 140 CFM
Volts 120
Amps 12
Headlight Located on Handle
Color Petrol
Net Weight 12 Lbs
Cord Length 29 FT
Hose Electric/Standard Electric
Safety Shut-Off Yes
Bag Style Miele GN Bags
Automatic Cord Rewind Yes
Bag Capacity 4 Gallon
Dimensions 18" L x 11.25" W x 8.5" H

Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool

Warranty 3 Years