Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum 41GEE034USA

Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum 41GEE034USA

Model #: 41GEE034USA

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  • Miele Active AirClean Filter SF-AA50
  • Miele HEPA Filter HA-50
  • Miele Performance Pack - AirClean 3D Efficiency FilterBags Type GN + HA50 Hepa Filter

Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum 41GEE034USA

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
More Great Feature Advantages:

Miele’s powerful Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 Canister model is the perfect pet hair vacuum for your home. With specialized tools and the Good Housekeeping Seal backing it up, pet owners will love this canister. To combat the pet hair problem, Miele started with their powerful 1,200-watt vortex motor. Although very powerful, this motor is completely sealed and extremely quiet. No more scared animals with this vacuum! Suction controls on the front of the vacuum allow you to choose the best match for each floor or surface you are cleaning, from deeper carpets to delicate upholstery. The lightweight canister will follow you with ease. With great power come incredibly useful tools. The telescopic stainless steel wand helps you reach behind furniture or to higher surfaces. An ergonomic handle with electrobrush control at your fingertips takes the stress off your body. For all of your carpet cleaning, the Cat & Dog comes with the ElectroPlus. Electrically driven for ease of use, 14 inches wide to cover the most ground at once and an agile swivel neck makes vacuuming easy, even on thick carpet. The parquet twister floor brush is perfect for bare floors. The twisting head can easily maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. Soft natural hair protects floors and captures everything in its way. Extra accessories are stored right on board and are useful for daily cleaning; a deep reaching crevice tool, a gentle upholstery brush and a powerful dusting brush are all available under the lid. Miele also included the Handheld Turbobrush with the Cat & Dog model. Perfect for stairs and aggressive upholstery cleaning, this lightweight hand tool has a brush driven by air movement. Because Miele vacuums are so powerful and maximize the airflow through the vacuum, the company has one of the best filtration systems on the market to capture everything it stirs up. The Super Air Clean filter has electrostatically charged pieces along with a charcoal cassette to absorb pet odors and skin particles. It is designed to trap 99% of harmful particles and has a long-lasting 50 hour life. The AirClean Filter Bags are also a powerful filter. Made of nine layers of electrostatically charged material, the bags attract microscopic items and holds on to them. With an easy to change clip in holder and spring loaded lid, this bag is even hygienic during changes. To protect your home from pet messes and to protect your lungs from harmful air, Miele’s Cat & Dog is the perfect pet hair vacuum. Powerful cleaning at a valuable price.

Accessories Included:

  • SEB 228 Electro Plus Electrobrush
  • SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush
  • Parquet Twister Floor brush (SBB300-3)
  • The three-piece accessory set includes a crevice nozzle, upholstery tool, and a dusting brush.
        These tools can be stored under the vacuum's lid for practical convenience and are useful for cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards, and more.
 Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with Electrobrush controlled hose
 Stainless steel telescopic wand
Formally called  S8380 Cat&Dog
Bag or Bagless Bagged
Filtration Active AirClean Filter
Airflow 141 CFM
Filtration HEPA Lifetime Filter
Watts 1200
Color Lotus White
Net Weight 12 Lbs
Dimensions 19.2" L x 10.8" W x 8.9" H
Cord Length 36 FT
Cleaning Radius 36 FT
Auto Cord Rewind Yes
Bag Type Miele GN Bags
Bag Capacity 4.76 Quarts

SEB 228 Powerbrush,

SBB 300-3 Parquet Floor Tool

Warranty 3 Years