Sanitaire Commercial Back Pack with Attachments SC412

Sanitaire Commercial Back Pack with Attachments SC412

Model #: SC412

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Sanitaire Commercial Back Pack with Attachments SC412

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Complete any cleaning mission with the comfort and roaming capabilities of the SC412 from Sanitaire. Back pack vacuums free up your hands and allow you to travel more for easier cleaning. Made of durable pieces designed for easy maintenance and replacement, Sanitaire’s commercial vacuums are designed to last longer and cost you less over time. The SC412 can easily clean bare floors, carpeting and detailed cleaning like stairwells, dusting and furniture refreshing. The powerful 11.5-amp motor can stand up to any mess but works quietly and efficiently; it is quiet enough to use during working hours. The lightweight vacuum is comfortable to wear; the harness is designed to evenly distribute weight and stay cozy after hours of use. The Sanitaire SC412 is a powerful vacuum with the tools and options to make everything possible. The five-foot hose and curved extension wands make the floor, ceiling and everything in between within reach. A bare floor tool is protective of delicate hard wood but powerful enough to keep dust and hair free. The carpet tool is effective on any height of carpeting. A crevice tool and dusting brush are perfect for detailed cleaning. The 50-foot power cord allows for long distance roaming and better cleaning range. As with all of Sanitaire’s commercial vacuums, heavy duty filtration systems are designed to remove 95% of dust and allergen particles. Easy to change and durable bags can hold up to six-quarts of dust. The SC412 is designed to make maintenance and cleaning easier. It will be an invaluable addition to your cleaning force.

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Filtration Premium Allergen
CFM 120
Amps 8.5
Dust Capacity 6 QT
Cord Length 50 FT
Cleaning Width 12 Inches
Weight 11 Lbs
Dimensions 30.5 in x 15.5 in x 12 in