Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC888

Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC888

Model #: SC888

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Sanitaire Commercial Upright SC888

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Sanitaire’s commercial SC888 is a traditionally designed upright with powerful 7-amps of power and made of incredibly durable pieces. An aluminum brush roll, heavy duty dust bag and a reinforced 50-foot power cord ensure that the most used parts of the vacuum are going to last you years. Sanitaire is so confident their product can withstand the heavy duty cleaning needed in commercial settings, they back their vacuums with a two-year warranty. The SC888 is equipped with a durable brush roll that can clean the filthiest of carpeting; however, it is still effective on bare floors. The 12-inch cleaning path helps you clean more at once. Soft rubber wheels and a rubber furniture guard protect your floors, walls and furnishings. Although incredibly powerful, the vacuum is incredibly quiet, perfect for use during business hours. Sanitaire’s filtration system is advanced and helps clean the air as it cleans your floors. Allergen filter bags are designed to remove 95% of dust and dander particles down to 0.3 microns. The disposable dust bags "ST" BAGS are built to ensure nothing can escape once it enters the vacuum. While many cleaners are built unsealed and allow dust to become airborne after passing through the vacuum, Sanitaire is one of the best rated companies at removing harmful debris. The SC888 is equal parts cleaning prowess, top notch filtration and extreme convenience. At an unbeatable price, you will see how improving clean carpeting can be for your business.

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Filtration Premium Allergen ST BAGS
Amps 7
Dust Cup Capacity 6.1 QT
CFM 145
Cord Length 50 FT
Cleaning Width 12 Inches
Dimensions 22.5" x 17.5" x 8.25"
Weight 22 Lbs