Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum SC679J

Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum SC679J

Model #: SC679J

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Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum SC679J

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 SC679 is a hardworking vacuum designed for streamlined cleaning and designed for less hold backs. The energy efficient 5 amp motor can clean even heavily soiled carpeting. While offering a deep clean, it is one of the quietest vacuums on the market. Operating at a low 78 decibels, the SC679 is perfect for use during business hours without disrupting employees or customers. The 12-inch cleaning path cleans more with each pass and the 30-foot power cord gives you the freedom to clean more without having to find a new power outlet. Although powerful, the SC679 is one of the lightest vacuums on the market. Weighing in at 12-pounds, it is easy to move and glides seamlessly over all kinds of flooring. It is the perfect mix between easy moving and durable features. Rubber coated wheels and bumper guard protects your flooring and furnishings. It is easy to carry and perfect for buildings with multiple floors. Sanitaire’s filtration works above and beyond to help capture even microscopic pieces of dander and dust. Microfresh filtration works hard to get all of the dirty intruders inside the vacuum rather than on your floors or in the air. The huge shake out dust bag can hold up to 18-quarts of dry contents before needing to be emptied. This gets rid of needing dusty and expensive disposable bags and is incredibly easy to empty and change. The Sanitaire commercial line is made to be the hardest working vacuums available at the best value pricing.

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Filtration HEPA
Amps 5
Dust Cup Capacity 18 QT
CFM 120
Cord Length 30 FT
Cleaning Width 12 Inches
Dimensions 20" x 14.25" x 7.75"
Weight 12 Lbs