Sebo X4 Automatic 12 Inch Wide Upright 9570AM

Sebo X4 Automatic 12 Inch Wide Upright 9570AM

Model #: 9570AM

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Sebo X4 Automatic 12 Inch Wide Upright 9570AM

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Sebo’s upright vacuums are commercial grade in cleaning power and one of the most convenient to use. While extremely powerful, the Sebo Automatic X4 is extremely quiet and light. They are perfect for homes with pets or children. Allergy sufferers rejoice over how helpful the Sebo is with getting rid of dust and pollen. Equipped with top-fill multi-layered bags and S-Class micro-filters and exhaust filters, the Sebo Automatic cleans the air as it flows through the vacuum. Electrostatically charged material in the filters attracts and traps even microscopic pieces of dirt and dust. The filters also protect the motor from dust build up or clogging. The bags are easy to change and seal shut to prevent any loss of dirt. The bags are huge, holding up to 1.4 gallons, so changes are few and far between. Sebo vacuums are made entirely of high grade materials and are built to last for years. With reinforced ABS plastic, metal and aluminum, the Automatic X4 can handle even the most abrasive of vacuum jobs. High-end motors and brush rollers designed to funnel hair and debris also help make the Automatic last for years. Sebo backs their vacuums with a five-year warranty on the motor and non-wear parts as well as a lifetime warranty on the belt. Although super durable, this vacuum is gentle on your home. Rubber wheels and furniture guards protect your bare floors and furnishings from scratches and scruffs. The nozzle of the Automatic X4 measures the floor beneath it and adjusts itself accordingly so you never have to mess with dials or pedals while vacuuming, saving you time and effort. The 12-inch wide nozzle has edge cleaners to help pick up more at once and make corners a breeze to clean. Handy indicator lights let you know when the brush is worn down and when the bag is full. The safety automatic shut off for brush obstruction saves your vacuum from unnecessary maintenance. All replaceable parts, from the brush roll to the bag, are easily removable for simple and inexpensive repairs. When your floors are clean, the convenient instant-use wand and hose can stretch up to eight feet to clean ceiling corners, behind furniture and everything in between. The crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle included makes this vacuum an everything-cleaner. Additional tools are available for the best imaginable clean all over your home. Available in red, blue, white or onyx, the Automatic X4 will become the leader of your cleaning regime and will help cut back your time spent cleaning for years to come.

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Automatic X4 Vacuum Manual

Bag or Bagless Bagged
Filtration S-Class
Watts 1300
Amps 10.8
Volts 120
Water Lift 92 Inches
Headlight No

White, Red, Blue, or Onyx

Weight 16.7 Lbs
Cord Length 40 FT
Bag Change Indicator Yes
Hose Electric/Standard Standard
Bag Style Filter Bag
Automatic Cord Rewind No
Bag Capacity 1.4 Gallons
Cleaning Path 12 Inches
On Board Tools Yes
Warranty 5 Years