Simplicity Upright Vacuums

Bank's Vacuum stocks all Simplicity upright vacuum cleaners. Simplicity upright vacuums are Made in the USA and are available in 3 unique series. The Synergy and Synchrony "tandem-air", two motor series uprights are tested and proven to be the most powerful and deep cleaning upright vacuums on the market with attachments on-board. Two motors work together to "push" and "pull" the air to remove deep down dirt. These innovative, heavily patented and ultra quality vacuum cleaners blow away the highly advertised brands. The Simplicity Symmetry series offers moderately priced uprights with simple and functional features and durable metal components. The Simplicity Freedom series offers lightweight and highly rated 8 pound vacuums that also crush the highly advertised brands. Bank's Vacuum guarantees the lowest Simplicity vacuum cleaner prices plus includes our additional FREE and famous service and repair benefits that you don't get when you purchase Simplicity elsewhere. Call our Simplicity experts today to learn more about Simplicity upright vacuums or visit your local Bank's Vacuum store today to try a Simplicity upright before you buy. Let's talk Simplicity. Let's talk vacuums. It's what we've been doing since 1956.