Simplicity 6000 Series Belt SB6

Simplicity 6000 Series Belt SB6

Model #: SB6

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Simplicity 6000 Series Belt SB6

This vacuum is best for these surfaces:
More Great Feature Advantages:

Sold as individual belts. Does not ship in a package.

Order how many belts you need. Recommended to replace a belt every 6-12 months.

Fits these Simplicity models:

  • Symmetry Entry models S20E, S20ENT, SYME and SYMENT
  • Symmetry Classic S20SC, SYMCL and SYMCLNT
  • Symmetry Standard models S20S, SYMST and SYMS
  • Symmetry Deluxe models S20D, SYMDL and SYMD
  • Patriotic Promotional models SYMCL.USA, SYMUSA.SU and SYM.USAFS
  • Symmetry Premium models S20P, SYMP and SYMBPB
  • Symmetry Ultra Premium model S20UP
  • Symmetry Commercial models SYMC and SYMCNT
  • 6970, 6900, 6870 Commercial
  • 6800, 6770, 6670, 6470

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