Miele Airclean 3D GN XL Allergy Pack

Miele Airclean 3D GN XL Allergy Pack

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Miele Airclean 3D GN XL Allergy Pack

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What is it?

Miele XL Pack 8x Miele Hyclean 3D GN +1 Miele Hepa Filter SF-HA 50


Why use it?

Miele Filtration Miele offers an array of high-quality, multi-layered filter cartridges that capture dust, dander and allergens. When combined with our HyClean Filter Bags, these hygienic filters form an advanced 12-stage AirClean System that retains 99.9+% of all dust particles. ​Designed to create a comfortable environment for people who suffer from dust pollen and pet allergies.


The filter retains 99.995% of all particles leaving your room and the ambient air hygienically clean.



Keep your home free of dirt: Perfect for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers The Active HEPA filter will help to keep the air you and your family breathes free of allergens, dust, dirt and pet dander particles.​

Features a unique self-locking Auto-Seal collar that ensures particulates are never released back into the air once they’re captured.

HyClean 3D Efficiency GN dustbags ensure that dust picked up stays inside the vacuum cleaner.

Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles

Maximum efficiency when vacuuming at low power level

Longer service life with 3D dustbag technology

Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure



Miele S8000 – S8999 S8

Miele S5000 – S5999 S5

Complete C3

Complete C2


What is in the box?

8x Bags

2x motor protection filter

1x Vacuum Cleaner Active HEPA Filter "SF-AH 50"


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